Discover a fantasy world full of firearms and dragons


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Gunspell is a role-playing and fantasy game in which you control a demon hunter who will face hundreds of supernatural creatures using an incredible arsenal of firearms and magic.

The combats are carried out in a way that is very similar to those in Puzzle Quest: you have to move the different pieces on the board in order to link together three or more of them and get rid of them. If you join three skulls together you will attack your enemy directly, while with the rest of the pieces you can recharge your manna or get money.

While you are not fighting against gigantic demons, you can manage all of the different aspects of your protagonist, who is somewhat like Constantine. You can improve his attributes (health, defense, attack, etc.) and, of course, outfit him with tons of different weapons, artifacts, and armor. There are pistols, sniper rifles, magic rings, kevlar vests and much more.

Gunspell is an excellent combination of role-playing and puzzles that also has an outstanding story and excellent graphics. It's not surprising that the game comes with the Ino-Co Plus seal of approval.

Gunspell requires at least 100 megabytes of free space on your device.


Requires Android 2.3.3 or later.

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